Add a Test Case

Create a test case inside a test suite.

Functionality overview

Click Design > Test Suites in the header. Click a Test Suite. On the next page, click Add Test Case.

A pop-up box displays. Enter property data.


Entering data

A test case contains the following fields:

  • Name (required)

    A short, clear label.

  • Instructions (optional)

    Specify as many instructions as needed.

  • Duration (optional)

    The estimated duration for the test case.

Click More to specify the optional fields Preconditions, Expected result and Test data. Link Applications, Requirements, Risks, and Tags or set the state of the test case to Draft.


Click Save, or Cancel to return to the Test Cases overview page.

Writing test cases requires a good understanding of the application being tested, the ability to write clearly, and attention to detail. Well-written test cases help to prevent false negatives in test results. You can also reuse the test cases in other projects.