Create an Issue

Relate test results to issues.

In TestMonitor, you can create issues based on test results. This allows you to relate multiple test results to one issue. It also gives you more options later in the testing process when managing issues.

Issues created from test results can, for example, be filtered based on their related risks and requirements.

Functionality overview

To create an issue based on test results, click Track > Test Runs in the header. Click a test case name to open the arrows.



Click the Bug icon in the quick action bar. You can create a new issue or link to an existing issue. In this example, we create a new issue. 

A pop-up box displays. Fill in the following fields:

  • Test Results (required)

    Select test results from the test case and relate them to the issue.

  • Name (required)

    This name shows in the issue overview.

  • Description (required)

    Extra information.

  • Status (required)

    Set the current status of the issue. This information is good for reporting and filtering. Choose Open, In Progress, Resolved, Retest, or Closed. You can add a custom status on the Settings page.

  • Impact (required)

    Choose Minor, Major, or Blocking. You can add a custom impact on the Settings page.

  • Assignee (required)

    Assign a project member to this issue.

  • Category (required)

    Choose Bug, Feature request, or Test design. You can add a custom category on the Settings page.

  • Priority (required)

    Choose Low, Medium, and High. You can add a custom category on the Settings page.

Click Save, or Cancel to go back to the Test Runs overview page.