Header Features

Get access to pages and tools.

Functionality overview

The header menu gives you access to every TestMonitor page, except when running a test.


The header has the following items:

  • Logo

  • Menu

  • Global search tool

  • Project selection and project settings

  • Notifications

  • TestMonitor settings

  • Avatar


Click the logo to open the project dashboard. When you have several projects in the TestMonitor environment, open the project dashboard by selecting a project in the header menu. Read the Project Dashboard article to learn more about its features. 


The structure of the TestMonitor menu is based on the process flow of a test. In this way, the menu leads you step-by-step through the application process: from setting up a test to drafting conclusions based on reports.

Depending on the role assigned to your account by the administrator, you can see one or more of the following menu items: DefineDesignPlanRunTrackResolve, and Report

  • Go to Define to set requirements and risks. 

    Requirements define the needs of project stakeholders. Risks allow you to define project hazards that can be used to direct the testing effort. 

  • Select Design to create your test suite and test cases. 

    Test suites group similar test cases. Test cases guide testers through a sequence of instructions to determine whether the software meets pre-defined requirements.

  • Click Plan to set a milestone and its test runs.

    Milestones mark important test events in the project. A milestone contains one or more test runs. A test run identities the test cases that should be executed. 

  • To launch a test, click Run.

    Once test runs are planned, testers can start testing. Every tester has his or her personal overview of assigned test runs. 

  • You can Track results from completed tests.

    Use test results to track the progress and outcome of test cases and test runs. 

  • Select Resolve to manage issues.

    Create issues based on test results. Issues can be filtered, for example, based on related risks and requirements. 

  • View Reports

    Get insight into the progress and outcome of project tests. For example, you can view test outcomes for all requirements and risks.

Global search

You can search through your project with the Global search tool. Select the search field in the header, it's marked with a magnifying glass, and enter a search term.

Results are categorized by item (requirements, risks, test suites, test cases, milestone, test runs, test results, and issues). The page displays the first 15 results per item. Select a category in the left menu to view all search results for an item.

Project selection and settings

When you click the project name in the header, a menu displays all of your projects. Click a name in the menu to open a project in the TestMonitor environment.  

The menu has an option to open Project settings for the active project. To learn more about how to edit project settings, read the article Manage Your Projects.


TestMonitor can send notifications of project actions or changes. For example, you've been assigned a test run or an issue. You can also get a notification if a test finishes. When activated, the system sends notifications to your email address. They also appear in the header menu. 

The header menu shows the number of unread notifications over a bell icon. Click the bell to view notifications.



Click a notification to open the related page. Click Mark all as read to remove all notifications from the list.

To activate or deactivate email notifications, click your avatar in the header menu and then select My preferences > Notifications. Customize the settings by checking or unchecking boxes.

TestMonitor settings

The Cog button in the header menu opens the Settings page. Select an item in the left menu to view or customize options.


The avatar is on the right side of the header menu. The avatar shows the first letter of your first and last names or an Avatar image.


Click the avatar to open a menu with the following items:

  • My account
    Select My account to open the Account Settings page. To learn more, read the article Your Personal Account Settings.

  • Help

    Choose Help to go to our online Knowledge Base.

  • Logout

    Click Logout to logout of TestMonitor.