Manage Your TestMonitor Account

View and update your TestMonitor account, localization and subscription.

Account overview

Click the Cog in the header to open the Settings page. The menu on the left side of the page displays the Settings options.



The first section is Account. Here you can view the following details:

  • Name

    The name for your TestMonitor account. 

  • Language

    The default TestMonitor language. This setting affects the login screen and TestMonitor pages for users who do not set a language preference. Individual users can set a language preference in the Profile settings. 

  • Plan

    Your subscription, including the user limit and the number of users in your environment.

  • Environment

    The name of your TestMonitor environment.

  • Version

    The current version of your TestMonitor. If a new version is available, your TestMonitor is updated automatically.

Update your Account

To edit the Account Name move the cursor over the field. A Pencil icon displays. Click the field and edit the text.

Click Save, or Cancel to discard the changes.

You can change the default TestMonitor language if you have an Administrator account. TestMonitor is available in English, Dutch, and German.

If you want to change your subscription, you can click the Manage subscription button. This will take you to the billing page, which is discussed in the article Manage Your Subscription