How to Subscribe to TestMonitor

Subscribe to TestMonitor before the trial ends.


You can subscribe to TestMonitor from within the application if you're using the 14-day free trial. 

Click the Cog in the header. The Settings page displays. On the left side of the Settings page, click Billing below the GENERAL menu heading. 

Subscribe to TestMonitor

On the Billing overview page, you can see the time left in your trial. To subscribe to TestMonitor, click Subscribe Now.


The subscription wizard displays. To subscribe to TestMonitor, enter the following information:

  • The number of TestMonitor Users you'd like to buy.

  • Indicate if you want to be Billed monthly or not.

  • The Name of your company.

  • The Country your company is based in.

  • For European countries only, the VAD ID.

  • First nameLast nameEmail, and billing address.

  • Credit card numberExpiry date, and CVC of your credit card. 

Use the slider to select the number of users you'd like to buy. To activate the Billed monthly option, toggle on the switch. Toggle off to deactivate monthly billing. The default payment period is once per year. 

Click the Company button to proceed.


Enter your company's name, the country it's based in, and a VAT ID for companies based in European countries. 

Click the Billing button to proceed.


Enter First nameLast nameEmail, and Address for billing information.

Click the Payment button to proceed.


Enter the Name on your card, your Credit card number, the Expiry date, and its CVC. When the details are valid, a green checkmark appears.

Click the Confirm button to proceed.


The next page shows your subscription information.

Check I agree to the Terms of Service to confirm your purchase and then click the Finish button to close the subscription wizard.


On the Subscription overview page, you can see the details of your TestMonitor subscription. Go to Manage your Subscription to learn how to update your plan.