Issue Details Page

View all issue information including a full audit trail.

Functionality overview

The Issue Details page provides a full description of the issue.

To open the Details page, click Resolve on the header. The Issues overview page displays. Locate the issue you want to view and then click the issue code or arrow button.

The Issue Details page shows all issue properties plus its description, attachments, and comments. It also shows related tasks, test results, and a full audit trail.
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Page components

  • Details
    This block contains several properties, including Name and Status.

  • Versions
    Describes the version that the issue affected (Affects) and the version with the fixed issue (Fixed in).

  • Tags
    View and edit issue tags.

  • Description
    Extra information about the issue.

  • Attachments

    Shows related attachments.

  • Comments

    Add comments and notes for teammates.

  • Tasks
    Shows task assignments.

  • Test Results

    Shows related test results.

  • Activities
    All activities for each object are logged.