Manage Your Subscription

Find detailed information about your subscription.

It's easy to find subscription information.

Click the Cog in the header. The Settings page displays. On the left side of the Settings page, click Billing below the GENERAL menu heading. The first tab is the Subscription overview.

Subscription overview

On the Subscription overview page, you can see information about your current subscription.

At the top of the overview page, you can see the plan name. TestMonitor offers simple and transparent plans for teams and businesses of every shape and size. These fixed plans are:

  • Team, 25 users

  • Business, 50 users

  • Professional, 100 users

If you pay by credit card, you can also choose a Flexible plan. The Flexible plan allows you to select any number of users you need. 


If you have a fixed plan, you can view the following details:

  • Payment

    Your payment method. 

  • Interval

    Whether you pay monthly or annually. 

  • Limits

    The user limit and project limit for your plan.

  • Premium

    Whether the premium features 'Custom Branding' and 'Single Sign-on' are available within your plan.

If you have a Flexible plan, you can view the following details:

  • Subscription

    The user limit and the renewal date. 

  • Credit Card

    The card number and expire date. 

  • Invoicing

    The billing information.

Updating your subscription

Click the Change subscription button to upgrade or downgrade your plan. The Subscription Edit page displays.


You can change the number of users by moving the slider. As you change the number of users, the pricing on the left changes.

Activate Billed monthly if you would like to pay per month.

Click the Confirm button to proceed.


The next page shows the selected updates. Check I agree to the Terms of Service and then click Finish to save the changes.

The Plan overview page displays. You can see the updated plan. Later, TestMonitor sends an email message that describes the subscription changes.

Change your subscription plan at any time. User limit changes take place right away.


You can only update Flexible plans. If you have a Fixed plan, you can click the Contact us button if you have any questions about your subscription or if you want to change plans.


Updating credit card or billing information

To update your credit card information, click Update credit card.

A pop-up box displays. Enter the name, card number, expiry date, and CVC of the new card. 

Click Update, or Cancel to discard changes. 



To update billing information, click Update billing address.

A pop-up box displays. Enter billing information.

Click Save, or Cancel to discard changes. 

Canceling your subscription

Click Cancel on the Subscription overview page, to stop your TestMonitor subscription.


A pop-up box displays. Click Cancel subscription to cancel the subscription, or Back to discard changes. Later, TestMonitor sends an email message to notify you about the cancellation.

You're directed to the Plan overview page which shows the end date of your subscription.

To resume your TestMonitor subscription, click Resume subscription. A pop-up box displays. Confirm that you want to resume your subscription. Click Resume to continue your TestMonitor subscription or Cancel. 

Paying through bank transfer

In some cases, it is possible to pay with a bank transfer instead of a credit card. When you've paid for a TestMonitor subscription with a bank transfer, the Plan overview page only shows plan details. 

Click the Contact us button if you want to update or cancel your subscription.