Manage Your Teams

Add, delete, and customize team settings.

Teams are used to categorize groups of users. You can use any standard to create user groups. 

Teams overview

To create a team, click the Cog in the header. The Settings page will appear.

On the left side of the Settings page, click Teams below the USERS & SECURITY menu heading. This is where you manage teams in the TestMonitor environment.

The Teams overview page shows all teams in your TestMonitor environment, including their name, description, and the number of members.

Click the Cog near the list of teams to customize column display on the page. 


Adding a team

To create a new team, click the Add Team button in the top right of the Teams overview page. 

A pop-up box displays. 



Fill in the following fields:

  • Name (required)

    A short, clear team name. (e.g. company name, business unit, department or sprint team).

  • Description (optional)

    Add information.

Click Save, or Cancel to go back to the Teams overview page.

Viewing team details

To view information about a team, open the Team Details page.

On the Teams overview page, click a name or the arrow button. The Team Details page displays.



You can access the following information:

  • Name

    The name of the team.

  • Description
    Additional information.

  • Members
    Shows users linked to the team. 

  • Activities

    All activities for each object in TestMonitor are logged. 

Updating a team

You can change information on the Team Details page. Move the cursor over a field. A Pencil icon displays. Click a field and then edit the text.

Click Save, or Cancel to discard the changes.

Updating members

You can add members to a team by clicking the Add Members button in the top right of the Teams detail page.

A pop-up box displays. You can assign one or more users to a team. Click Add to save the new members, or Cancel to go back to the previous page.


To delete a member, click the red cross next to the name of the member. A pop-up box displays. Click Delete, or Cancel to go back to the previous page. 

Updating multiple teams

TestMonitor allows you to batch-edit teams.

On the Teams overview page, move the cursor over a team and check the box on the left. Select additional teams, if required. Select all by checking the box in the table header. Click on the green multi-select button in the toolbar and then select a batch action.

The batch-edit function offers the following action:

  • Delete

    Click Delete to remove all the selected items.

Deleting a team

To remove a team, open its Details page and then click the three dots in the top right corner of the page.

Click Delete in the pop-up box and then Delete in the confirmation box.


Restoring trashed teams

Go to the Teams overview page and then toggle on the Trashed Teams filter.

Locate the item you want to restore and click the arrow button. Click Restore in the confirmation box. The team will now reappear on the Team overview page.