Manage Your Templates

Create reusable project blueprints.


Project templates can vary from a simple requirement set to a full-blown project setup with test cases and test runs. You can create a template or use one of ours.

Begin testing by selecting one of our templates, assign testers, and start a test run.

Click the Cog in the header to open the Settings page.



On the left side of the Settings page, click Templates below the PROJECTS & TESTS menu heading. This is where you manage the templates in the TestMonitor environment.

Templates overview

The Templates overview page shows all current templates, including the description, author, version, and price. The number of requirements, risks, test suites, test cases, milestones, and test runs specified in the template are also displayed.


Click the Cog to customize column display on the page. 


Template details page

On the Templates overview page, click a name or arrow button to open the Template Details page. The Template Details page shows the name, description, version, and content.

Updating template details

You can edit a template's name, description, and version. Hover the cursor on a field. A Pencil icon displays. Click the field and then edit the text. Click Save, or Cancel to discard changes.

Deleting a template

You can delete a template. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the Template Details page.

Click Delete and in the box and then Delete in the confirmation box.


Creating a project with a template

You can create a project with a template. Click the Create project button in the top right corner of the Template Details page.

A pop-up box displays. Enter the project name and start date. The template is ready to use.



The end date of your project, along with the start/end dates of the milestones and test runs, is calculated from the source project and is adjusted by using the start date of the project. 

Click Save to create a project, or Cancel to go back to the overview page.

Publishing a template

To use an existing project as a blueprint, publish that project as a template. For more information, see: