Manage Your Test Environments

Add test environments and link them to test runs.


Test environments can be used to direct testers running tests in a specific environment, like a workstation, device, operating system, or application environment.

The Test Environments overview page shows the test environments in your TestMonitor, including their descriptions. Test environments are configured application-wide. Each project reuses the same test environments.

To open the Test Environments overview page, click the Cog in the header. The Settings page displays. On the left side of the Settings page, click Test Environments below the PROJECTS & TESTS menu heading. This is where you manage test environments in the TestMonitor environment.


Add a t
est environment

To create a new test environment, click the Add Test Environment button in the top right corner of the Test Environments overview page. A pop-up box displays. 


Fill in the following fields:

  • Name (required)

    The name of the software or hardware setup that test teams use to carry out tests.

  • Description (optional)

    More detailed information about the test environment.

Click Save, or Cancel to go back to the previous page.

Link a test environment to a test run

TestMonitor allows you to link a test environment to test runs on the Test Runs Details page.

To open the Test Runs Details page:

  1. Click Plan in the header. The Milestones overview page displays.

  2. Locate the milestone that contains the test run you want to open. Click the name of the milestone or the arrow button. The Test Runs overview page displays.

  3. Click the test run code or arrow button of the test run you want to link to a test environment. The Test Run Details page displays.

  4. Move the cursor over the Test Environment field. A Pencil icon displays. Click the field. In the drop-down menu, select a defined test environment.

  5. Click Save, or Cancel to discard the changes.


Update a test environment

Edit test environment information on its details page. To open the details page, click Test Environments in the settings menu. On the Test Environments overview page, click a test environment name or the arrow button. The details page displays.

Hover the cursor on a field. A Pencil icon displays. Click the field and then edit the text. Click Save, or Cancel to discard changes. 

Delete a test environment

You can delete a test environment by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the Test Environment Details page.

Click Delete and in the box and then Delete in the confirmation box