Rerun a Test Run

Create test run iterations.

Functionality overview

In some situations, it makes sense to create a new test run based on an existing test run. For instance, you might want to rerun a test using the original settings with a different start/end date. TestMonitor has a time-saving feature that lets you create and schedule test reruns easily.

Test runs can have many properties, including relationships to other objects, such as test cases and users. The rerun tool makes an exact copy of the original with a different test run code and create / update date. This means all relationships are copied, so you don't have to reassign test cases or users.

Creating a rerun

Click Plan on the header. On the Milestones overview page, click a milestone. The Milestone Details page displays.

Locate the test run that you want to rerun. Click the three-dot button on the test run line.

Rerun 1 EN


In the pop-up box, click Rerun. 

Rerun EN

In the next pop-up box, enter property data. 

Rerun 2 EN

Click Rerun to create the test run.

The new test run now displays on the Milestone Details page with a unique code.