Test Runs Overview

Get quick access to all test runs.

In TestMonitor, use test results to track the progress and outcomes of test cases and test runs.

Functionality overview

To start tracking test results from test runs, click Track in the header. 

  • Track > Test Cases shows the last outcome of each test case.

  • Track > Test Runs shows the most severe outcomes of each test run.

In this article, we discuss how to track test results from test runs. The Test Runs overview page shows the test run code, name, progress, outcome, users, period, and related issues.

The Filter icon to the left opens a side panel. Use the Search field next to the Filter icon to find a test case that matches your filter parameters.

Click the Cog button on the right side of the page to edit column display.


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Customizing filter settings

Use filters to find specific test cases that match your search parameters.


Page components

The filters side panel on the left side of the Test Runs overview page provides the following:

  • Outcome

    Shows test runs with the selected outcome(s): pass, neutral, failed, and/or blocking (visually represented by one of four icons).

  • Milestone

    Shows test runs related to the selected test suite.

  • Status
    Shows test runs with the selected status: Expired, Active, and/or Planned.

  • Priority
    Shows test runs with priority.

  • Test Environment
    Shows test runs linked with the selected test environment.

  • User

    Shows test runs assigned to one or more users.

  • Requirements

    Shows test runs linked to the selected requirement(s).

  • Risks

    Shows test runs linked to the selected risk(s).

  • Applications

    Shows test runs linked to the selected application(s).

  • Issues

    Only shows test runs linked to issues with the selected status(es).

  • Tags

    Shows test runs linked to tags that you defined and linked to test cases via the define menu.

  • Updated

    Shows test runs with an outcome updated during the selected time period.

  • With / Without outcome

    Shows test runs with test results.

  • Completed

    Shows test runs that are complete or incomplete.

  • With Test Cases

    Shows test runs with test cases.

  • With Users
    Shows test runs with users assigned to them.

  • Hide viewed test results
    Shows all test results or hides test results marked as viewed.

Click the Cog button next to the Filter icon to open a menu. Use the checkboxes to hide or unhide filter fields.



To quickly restore frequently used settings, click Save filter. Click the Cog button and then select Save filter on the menu.

A pop-up box displays. Enter a filter name.

Naam filter EN


Use multiple filters to combine several criteria like milestone and user. Select Reset to default on the menu to deactivate all custom filters.

Configuring column display

CodeNameProgressOutcome, Users, Period, Issues, and Priority are the default columns. The other columns are Duration, MilestoneViewedTest CasesPeriodUsers and Updated.

Click the Cog button on the right side of the page to hide or unhide columns.

Click Reset to default to go back to the default display.

Schermafbeelding 2020-09-14 om 10.01.10


  • Progress

    Shows completion progress for this test run for all assigned users combined.

  • Outcome

    Shows the most severe outcome for the test run.

  • Issues

    Shows issues related to the test run.

  • Priority

    Shows whether the test run has priority.

  • Duration

    Shows the duration of the test run.

  • Milestone

    Shows the milestone related to the test run.

  • Viewed

    Shows items marked as viewed or not viewed.

  • Test cases

    Shows the number of test cases in the test run.

  • Users

    Shows the assigned users.

  • Period

    Shows the period during which the test run is available to assigned testers.

  • Updated

    Shows the date of the latest update.