Test Case Results Details

View test result properties, comments, and a full audit trail.

There are two ways to open the Test Results Details page. Go to the Test Case Details page or a Test Run Details page.

On either page, click the Test Results menu tab and then click the > button for a test result.


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Page components

The Test Result Details page shows all test result properties, test result comments, and a full audit trail.

  • Outcome

    Shows the selected result category: pass, neutral, failed, and blocking (visually represented by four types of emojis).

  • Test Case
    The test case for which the test result was made. 
  • Test Run
    The test run for which the test result was made.

  • User

    Shows the user who made the result. 

  • Created

    Shows the date and time the test result was created.

  • Description

    Shows a description, if added. A description is required for all neutral, failed and blocking test results.

  • Attachments
    Shows attachments, if added. An attachment is required for failed blocking test results.

  • Comments
    Shows all comments for the test result. You can add comments. Click the Post button.

  • Issues
    Linked issues to the test results.