Test Suites Overview

Create test case sets to simplify planning and analysis.


Test suites group similar test cases. You can, for instance, group test cases by application or test type (e.g. functional tests or smoke tests). Test suites can also create smaller sets of test cases. This helps simplify the planning and analysis process.

Functionality overview

Select Design in the header. The Test Suites overview page displays. It shows a list of test suites for the active project.


Each project needs its own set of test suites. Make sure a project exists, or create a project first to continue.


The Test Suites overview page shows the name and number of test cases for each test suite. The Filter icon on the left side of the page opens the filters side panel. Use the Search field next to the Filter icon to find a test suite that matches your search parameters.

Click the Cog button on the right side of the page to edit column display.


Customizing filter settings

Use filters to find items that match your search parameters.


The filters side panel on the left side of the Test Suites overview page provides the following:

  • With Test Cases

    Keyword-based queries search through name and description.

  • Updated From - To

    Shows test suites updated during a specific time frame.

  • Trashed Test Suites

    Shows trashed test suites.


Click the Cog button next to the Filter icon to open a menu. Use the checkboxes to hide or unhide filter fields.

Choose Reset to deactivate all set filters.


Use multiple filters to combine several criteria (e.g. From 01-01-2020 to 02-02-2022 and With Test Cases.

Configuring column display

Name and Test Cases are the default columns on the Test Suites overview page. The other columns are Created and Updated.

Click the Cog button on the right side of the page to hide or unhide columns.

Click Reset to default to go back to the default display.