Tutorial 4: Test Run Planning

Assign test runs to validate deliverables, sprints, and completions.


You created test cases in the previous tutorial. Now it's time to assign test cases to users via test runs.

Test runs are grouped into Milestones. Milestones signify important project events. The release of a beta version or the completion of a user acceptance test are two examples of events. As such, Milestones are aligned with important project data. 

In most projects, you plan multiple test runs for a set of test cases and users over time. If you want to execute particular test cases for multiple configurations (e.g. different operating systems) planning multiple test runs makes sense.

We suggest that you name Milestones based on releases or sprints (e.g. TestMonitor 5.1 release or Sprint 2).

Adding a milestone

Click Plan on the header to open the Milestones overview page. You can see all the milestones assigned to the current project (if any). You can add, edit and delete milestones on this page.

To add a milestone, click the Add Milestone button.

A pop-up box displays. Fill in the data fields:

  • Name (required)

  • Description (optional)

  • Date (required). This is the Milestone completion date.

Click Save to create your first milestone.

Adding a test run

The next step is to plan a Test Run

On the Milestones overview page, click the milestone name or arrow button. Both options take you to the Milestone Details page. 

Click the Add Test Run button in the top right corner. A panel displays. Fill in the fields.


  • Details
    Give the test run a name and then set a start and end date. The Test Run is available to testers during this time period. Testers cannot execute a test run before or after these dates. Toggle on the priority switch, if required. When complete, click the Test Cases button.

  • Test cases
    The Test Cases panel shows a list of project test cases that you can assign to the test run. Click the (+) icon to add a single test case and click the add all these items button to add all test cases listed.

    Click the Filter icon on the left side of the panel to screen test cases. There are five filters: Test Suite, Requirements, Risks, Applications, and Tags. Click the Cog button on the right side of the panel to add or remove filters. The search tool next to the Filter icon helps you find a test case matching your search parameters. When complete, click the Users button.

    add all overview - test cases-1
  • Users
    You can see a list of users authorized to work on the project. Click the (+) icon to assign a single user and click the add all these items button to assign all users listed.

    Users assigned to a test run optionally receive an email reminder when their run is available for testing. You can turn notifications on/off in your user settings.

    Once created, assigned users can access the test run during the set time period. 

Update properties, assigned test cases, and assigned users after you create a test run. Go to the Test Run Details and click the name of a test run or the arrow button.


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