Tutorial 5: Run Tests

Start testing!

Functionality overview

On the Test Runs overview page, you can see the planned test runs assigned to you.

To open the Test Runs overview page, click Run in the header. You can see priority test runs, active test periods, the number of test cases per test run, and the progress made to date. 

Starting a test run

To start a test run, click the green arrow Start button on the Test Runs overview page.

After you click the Start button, the test run begins. The first test case of the test run displays on the Test Case page.

The Test Case page has the following components:

Test Case information

On the left side of the page, you can find test case information provided by the test manager: 

  • Preconditions (optional) can verify the conditions that must be in place before testing.

  • Instructions (always given) are the steps the tester must complete.

  • Data (optional) is commonly used to specify the input required while running the test case (e.g. login information or a sample record).

  • Expected result (optional) can specify the anticipated outcome assuming the application runs correctly.

Test Results

Enter test results on the right side of the page:

  • The result category is a required field. It defines the outcome of the test case. Select an icon: choose pass, neutral, failed or blocking.

  • The description field explains the chosen test result category. Describe what happened and provide feedback that can be analyzed later by the test manager.

  • The attachment field is used to add files. These can be screenshots, PDFs, videos or other materials that explain the result.

When complete, the tester clicks the Previous or Next button to proceed. 

Progress of test runs

You can check the progress of your test runs in two ways:

On the Test Case page 

The left sidebar shows which test cases have results and which test cases do not.

  • Test cases with results show the selected test result category.

  • Test cases with no results are blank.

On the Test Runs overview page

Check the progress of all test runs assigned to you. The Progress column bar shows the percent completed rate for each test run.

Expired test runs

These test runs were assigned to you but are no longer visible on the Test Runs overview page. Contact your test manager if you require access to an expired test run. 

Finished test runs

If all test cases on the Test Case page have a test result category, you've completed the test run. Click the Finish button on the last test case to complete the test run and return to the Test Runs overview page.

If you complete all your test runs, the progress of all test runs shows 100% on the Test Runs overview page. As long as test runs are active, you can adjust test results. When the end date of the test run passes, the test run disappears from your Test Runs overview page.