Tutorial 7: Issue Resolution

Keep the project current by updating issue properties.


As test results come in, testers will likely report issues. In this tutorial, you learn how to update issues and keep your team in sync.

Resolving Issues

Select Resolve in the header. The Issues overview page provides a list of all issues related to the current project. The page shows issue code, name, status, category, and impact.

All issues created on the basis of test results are here. You can also add a project issue from the overview page. 

Adding an Issue

To add an issue on the Issues overview page, click the Add Issue button.

In most situations, we suggest that you add an issue based on test results. From the header, click Track > Test Cases or Track Test Runs and then select a case or run. The sidebar displays. Click the Issues icon and then the Add Issue button. 

A pop-up box displays. Fill in the data fields.


Add issue data fields

  • Select a Category to set the issue type. 

  • Enter a short Name that clearly explains the issue. You can add a more thorough explanation of the issue in the Description field.

  • The Status of an issue usually develops over time. In most cases, it starts as Open and ends up as Closed

  • Select an Impact to show the severity of the issue and indicate if it is blocking.

  • Indicate an Assignee (a user responsible for the issue) and set the issue's Priority.

Viewing the issue details page

After you create an issue, open the Issue Details page. You can review and update information, and add comments or attachments.

Open the Issue Details page by clicking the issue Code or the arrow button to the right of the issue. The Issue Details page shows the properties, description, attachments, comments, related tasks, test results, and a full audit trail. 

Editing data

You can edit issue properties. Move the cursor over a field and edit the text or an item. Editable fields include:

  • Name

  • Status

  • Impact

  • Priority

  • Category

  • Assignee

  • Resolution

  • Description

If you create an issue based on a test result, its attachments are visible in the Attachments tab of the issue.

Adding attachments

To add an attachment, you can:

  • click the Attachments area and then select the file you want to add

  • drag and drop the file into the Attachments area

  • copy and paste the file into the Attachments area