Update an Issue

Edit data to keep your project current.

Functionality overview

There are two ways to edit an issue: on the Details page and on the sidebar. This article shows you how to edit an issue on the Details page.

Click Resolve on the header. The Issues overview page displays. Locate the issue you want to edit and then click the code or the arrow button.

The Details page displays.

issue eng

Editing the Details page

Move the cursor over Name, Status, Impact, Priority, Category, Assignee, Resolution, or Description. A Pencil icon displays. Click a field and then edit the text or select an additional item.

Click Save, or Cancel to discard the changes.


Add information about the version which has the issue (Affects) and the version which has the fixed issue (Fixed in).


Link a tag to help classify an issue.


There are two ways to add attachments.

  1. Click the attachment field. A pop-up box displays. Use the file manager to locate and upload a file from your computer. 

  2. Drag& Drop. Select files on your computer and drag them to the attachment field.

If you create an issue based on a test result, the attachments connected to the test result are visible in the issue's attachments field.


Add comments and notes for project members. Add a comment and then click the Post button. This feature helps to keep internal communication structured. 


Click this menu tab to manage issue tasks. View the description, expiration date, and assignee for each task. Use the checkboxes to the left to tick off tasks. Click the X button to delete a task.

Click the Add Task button to create a new task for this issue. A pop-up box displays. Enter property information.

Click Save, or Cancel to go back to the Details page.

Test results

Click this menu tab to track test results linked to the issue including attachments that were added by the tester. 


Click this menu tab to trace all activities related to the issue.