Update Multiple Issues

Batch-edit issues.

Functionality overview

On the Issues overview page, move the cursor over an issue and then check the box. Select additional issues, if required. To select all, check the box in the table header.

Click the green multi-select button in the toolbar and then select a batch action.


Using the batch-edit tool

The batch-edit function for issues offers the following actions:

  • Update

    Update the StatusImpactPriorityCategory, and Assignee for multiple issues. When you Update, a pop-up box displays. This is where you can choose or change the above items for all selected issues.

  • Delete

    Remove the selected items from the project.

  • Assign to Me

    Assign all selected issues to yourself.

  • Priority to High

    Set the priority to High for all selected issues.

  • Status to Resolved

    Set the status of all selected issues to Resolved.

  • Status to Closed

    Set the status of all selected issues to Closed.