Project Dashboard

Review essential project information.

The dashboard shows project milestones, statistics, messages from team members, active test runs, and tasks. At the top of the dashboard, the Tutorial panel displays options to explore TestMonitor features.

Functionality overview

After you log in, the dashboard of the current project displays on the screen. The dashboard gives you an overview of key project information.

To change the current project, click the project name in the header and then select a project from the list.

Click the TestMonitor logo in the top left corner of the page to return to the dashboard.


Watching a tutorial

Our tutorials review the most important TestMonitor features. You can browse through articles by using the right and left arrows or by clicking the dots below. There are tutorials for the following articles:

  • Define Requirements and Risks

  • Design Test Suites and Test Cases

  • Plan Milestones and Test Runs

  • Run Test

  • Track Results

  • Use Reports

Hiding tutorials

Once you've read a tutorial, you can hide it by clicking Skip >> in the top right corner of the panel. You can also deactivate this feature by selecting My preferences > Hide tutorial in your account settings. To open the account settings panel, click your avatar in the header menu.

Project milestones

You can find project milestones below the Tutorial panel. Completed milestones have a green checkmark. Milestones not yet completed are unchecked.

Click on a milestone to open the Milestones page.

Project statistics

A summary of project statistics is presented below Milestones. You get an overview of test cases, test runs, test results, and issues.

Click on a statistic to open the related page.


In the bottom left corner of the dashboard, you can post messages to all project members. Messages sent from project members display here, too. 

To send a message, enter your text and then click Post.

My test runs

You can see active test runs in the box next to Messages. For each active test run, you can see the code, description, and end date. Click the green arrow to run a test.

My tasks

In the bottom right corner of the dashboard, you can see open tasks. Check the box to select a task. Click the arrow to open the related issue.