Import issues

Upload issues in Excel or CSV files.

Functionality overview

You can create several issues at once using the import tool.

Click Resolve on the header. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the Issues overview page.

Select Import.



Before you import test issues, prepare an Excel or CSV file with the required columns. The following columns can be imported:

  • Name (required)

  • Description (required)

  • Category (required / input needs to match TestMonitor category fields)

  • Status (required / input needs to match TestMonitor status fields)

  • Impact (required / input needs to match TestMonitor impact fields)

  • Priority (required / input needs to match TestMonitor priority fields)

  • Assignee (input needs to match TestMonitor users)

  • Resolution (input needs to match TestMonitor resolution fields)

  • Reference

To upload a file, click the cloud icon. You can also drag a file to the upload field. The name of the file displays on the page.

Click the Mapping button in the bottom right corner of the page to go to the next step.



Click the drop-down menu to map a column in the file to the correct column in TestMonitor. To help you verify the mapping, the page previews five rows of data. 

After you map a column, click Next to map another column. Click Skip to move past an optional column.

When complete, click the Confirm button to go to the third step.



Click the Finish button to start the import. When the import job finishes, you receive an email message.

If there is an import problem, the email message names the row number and describes the cause of the problem.



You can find the import file on the Imports overview page. Click the Cog button in the right corner of the top menu bar. On the Settings page, click Import. The page lists imported files.

You can revert the import by clicking the red arrow.