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Keyboard Shortcuts

Work more efficiently using keyboard shortcuts for common actions in TestMonitor.

TestMonitor provides keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. By using shortcuts, you can perform actions quicker as you won’t have to switch between your keyboard and mouse constantly. You can, for example, start a search, without having to scroll through a page, or create new objects, without having to click on the add button each time. By using hotkeys, you can do more things in less time.

Shortcuts Overview

Like most software, TestMonitor allows you to use the Tab key to move through fields on your screen and lets you use the Enter key to save information. 

TestMonitor offers additional helpful shortcuts though and knowing them will surely improve your experience of TestMonitor. We’ve listed them for you in the chart below:

Hotkey Action
/ Jump to the search box in the top menu.
CTRL + / Go to a search box right above an overview, such as a list of requirements or issues.
a or n Open an add dialog. For example, pressing "a" in the test case overview will prompt you to add a new test case.
f Toggle the filters on an overview page.
r Reset an overview to its default state (resets filters, columns, and sorting).
CMD + enter or CTRL + enter Directly post a comment in a comment message box.