Sales TAX and VAT refunds

Learn how sales tax and VAT apply to purchases.

In the European Union, Value Added Tax (VAT) is applied as a general, broad-based consumption tax. It is levied on the value added of goods and services. Depending on the country you’re in different regulations apply. We’ve summarized them for you below.

Sales Tax and VAT refunds by Country

In accordance with the EU, a VAT number is required for companies located in the European Union. The legal VAT charge will only be applied to orders in The Netherlands. Orders from other EU countries are subject to a reverse charge, which requires you to register the VAT transaction.

If no VAT number is registered within a transaction located in the European Union, the local country VAT will be applied. This is considered to be a consumer transaction.

All orders outside the EU, a VAT number isn't required and no taxes are applied.